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Course learning outcome #2

Course learning outcome #2:

Enhance strategies for reading, drafting, revising, editing, and self-assessment

This course was in depth with each step writing process from reading samples all the way through to completing draft work and ending in self assessment. To begin with enhancing reading strategies, we not only read samples of the genre we were writing about but we also had to read about the topics we were going to write about which means a great amount of research since for many of us this was the first time doing any form of technical writing. With the research process we enhanced our ability to not only find reliable sources but how to use them to our advantage to strengthen our writing, and build our credibility by not plagiarizing and providing accurate information to back our points.

After reading and researching drafting would come next. While drafting at times felt like it was rushed due to time constraints, the great amounts of genre analysis, sample review and overall topic research helped ensure that our technical writing met each requirement. Following a first draft we would peer review with groups that gave us a ton of insight on our work. With this insight we were able to revise our work and greatly improve it especially since other groups did just as much research about the genre as my group did. Self assessment was also a key part since it took understanding what are the biggest flaws of my writing were vs what differences were minor things that didn’t make that much of difference.

Figure 2. Lab Report peer review

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