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Media is the form in which we present our work. When presenting technical writing genres there is often more than one way we can go about the “mode” of our content. Writing work can either be displayed by print, digitally, orally and more often than not it can be multi modal meaning that it can be presented in more than one of the two ways mentioned. While nothing in this course was strictly print, a lot of our work despite being typed out was presented orally to one another. When it came to peer review we learned that a lot of our writing could be communicated orally despite it not being the most effective option. This exact thing happened when writing engineering proposals. While the typed out proposal did contain the most information and details, it was no where near as “trustworthy” as a presentation where faces are shown; this is especially important when money is involved. As a result of this we made both written and presentation engineering proposals (figure 13).

(Figure 13: proposal presentation)
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