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Course learning outcome #8

CLO #8-Strengthen your source use practices (including evaluating, integrating, quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, synthesizing, analyzing, and citing sources)

The proper use of sources is just as as important as finding reliable ones. While directly quoting may be the first form of citation that comes to most freshmen minds. When writing a technical paper you are constantly citing sources especially when writing a topic that you don’t have full expertise in (like most of the topics discussed in my writing). We focused on APA style citation and the significance of properly citing sources to avoid plagiarism and to ensure our credibility as authors. An example of APA citation and paraphrasing being used through a writing piece is the technical proposal (figure 8 and 9). Lots of the details and specifications of a product or a brand history come directly from a brand, therefore when stating certain points it is important to address where these points are coming from.

Figure 8: APA citation
Figure 9: Paraphrasing and citation
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