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Course learning outcome #7

CLO #7 Practice using various library resources, online databases, and the Internet to locate sources appropriate to your writing projects

This outcome was used in all aspects of the writing process from reading about genre all the way through to topic and audience research when drafting/revising. Research was just as important to this course as writing was. By using reliable sources and having a good variety of sources in your writing is very important especially when discussing a topic you as an author don’t have the most back ground in. A great example of this would be while writing would be the engineering proposal where we wrote about a concrete storm shelter that is hurricane proof. Prior to writing this my team and I had 0 knowledge about what it takes for a structure to be able to withstand a hurricane, it took several sources (figure 7) and a good amount of research to ensure that the structure we were proposing would in fact be able to withstand a hurricane.

Figure 7: some of the sources used to help us understand storms and storm proof construction
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