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Stance-the writers position/view on a certain topic

Regardless of the topic you are writing about, as an author you will always have some sort of opinion, bias or a view on the topic you are writing about. Stance and purpose are often go hand in hand because one often drives the other. While most of our writing had a set purpose it was important to articulate a stance so the audience knows exactly where you are coming from. Stance isn’t something that is always going to be present, it is something that has to be articulated properly by the author.

A great example of a stance being articulated in my course writing was the engineering proposal where my team and I had to make our audience understand that our storm shelters were strictly created with the interest and safety of Bay County residents in mind (figure 10) Stance was especially important in the engineering proposal because our stance would have to reflect company ethics while not seeming like the storm shelters were an idea strictly for the profit of ROJ systems. Other genres however it is important to have a neutral stance or if I had to explain it to a elementary school kid “not taking any sides” meaning a stance isn’t really there at all. Rather it is strictly informative writing. Lab reports are a great example of writing where there is no stance present because lab reports are strictly to summarize findings and to inform others of those findings.

(Figure 10-atriculaticing stance in engineering proposal)

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